The key

You are custodian of yourself;

Safe keep the key.

You’ll find in time

‘twill set you free.


Test your morals

If you must.

‘tis then you’ll see

Where lays the trust.


I trust in you to trust yourself

And to your own self be true.

Pleasure is a slice of time.

A bolt of light from out the blue.


Accept what is and let it be.

The answers always lie within.

Look not without you’ll not be free.

You have the key so just look in.



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    1. I am well, thank you Sandra and regularly sneaking a look at your postings on the JA saga. It seems to be heading more towards reality now at last.
      Your comment is much appreciated because I only just decided to publish a whole bunch of poems I mostly wrote some years ago. I didn’t think much about them at the time. Keep well. Jim

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