The tree

I’ve seen them come.

I’ve seen them go.

I feed them all.

They reap; I sow.


I give them shelter from the rain.

I give them shelter from the sun.

I built this house not just for me.

I built this house for everyone.


Now I’m old but

I’m still strong.

I will be here

When they are gone.

0 thoughts on “The tree

    1. Really? You are too kind Cinda. I dug up about 30 poems I wrote at odd times over the last 20 years which I didn’t think were much cop. But as quite a few people like this one I think I’ll pluck up the courage and post them (one a week) as a collection of Poetry in Pictures. Keep well. James.

      1. That’s about the same way I do it, James. And if somebody distracts me, I forget half of it. Therefore I’m really dangerous when I have a poem in my head, hehe
        Regards Mitza

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