South Africa Diaries

It seems that a lot of readers are not aware (probably because I haven’t publicised it very well!) that I write a monthly column in Expat Focus entitled South Africa Diaries.

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The Diaries trace my 20 year journey starting in 1990, when I first started taking three month trips to Durban to assist a friend with scratch card lotteries in the Transkei and Johannesburg, right through until I left Cape Town for Thailand in 2011.

Unfortunately I cannot reblog the posts but you can read them by going to the ‘Read my columns’ page ‘Expat Focus’ at the top of this blog.


2 thoughts on “South Africa Diaries”

    1. Thanks Svetlana. They were taken with my old Canon Powershot 5mp (shot in JPEG) years ago and long before I had any idea about photography. I just reworked them in Lightroom and Topaz so they look a lot better than the originals. I am now working on pre-digital scanned in prints from Trinidad Carnival circa 1983 for a post I am planning. Should be fun. Keep well. James


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