Picture This: An IDEA

I am pleased to see two very talented, determined and entrepreneurial ladies teaming up, especially as I interviewed Cinda (to be published end October) and Rita for The Displaced Nation. This is one of the things I love so much about the blogging community. It connects and brings like minded people together, often in the most unexpected ways. I hope you will join me in wishing them both the best of luck with their new books.


2 thoughts on “Picture This: An IDEA”

  1. Thanks for the reblog and good wishes James! I was about to write and tell you that you brought Rita Gardner and I together.
    I commented on your article, Rita commented back, we found each others writing sites and all we had in common – then discovered we only live an hour away from each other. So we met for lunch this week, exchanged books and had fun chatting. I will be going to Rita’s new book (‘Coconut Latitudes’ – just started reading and it is fascinating) launch next week.
    So thanks for the introduction – all the way from Thailand to across the Pacific!


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