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Why are you following me?

Question_mark Why are you following me?
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While I was writing Jamoroki’s first birthday post it got me thinking about a few things. It may sound like a silly question but I have just realised that after 1 year I have 300 following me. That’s not many, you may say, but it’s 300 more than I had a year ago. On top of that I have chosen to follow around 70 bloggers. So there’s at least 370 of us on the same or similar wavelengths.

Yet I don’t know why any of my followers are following me and none of the people I follow know why I am following them. Why? Because we are not asking each other the very simple question.

Noboby has ever asked me why I follow them and I have never asked anyone why they are following jamoroki until now.

Do we actually think about it and is it really that important?

Now I come to think about; yes, it is important because when I follow a blog it can be for a multitude of reasons and seldom the same reason for each blog. Some I follow because I love the way a person writes. Some because the content is helpful to me and informative. Some because I am intrigued by their experiences. And so on. There are so many reasons and  because I want to improve my blogging the feedback from followers (not just in comments) is extremely valuable information.

It seems such an obvious question that we should all be asking and the answers are readily available, yet no-one seems to have thought about it. So from now on I shall be asking new jamoroki followers –

‘Why are you following me?’

I will leave it up to the people I follow to ask me. Then I will see if any have read this post!

I’m looking forward to the answers which I will log and monitor over the next year. It should be fun but more importantly will give me an insight to what the followers like about jamoroki. They may even be bold enough to tell me what they don’t like also.

0 thoughts on “Why are you following me?

  1. I follow you because your photos got my attention. I then read what you have to say and saw value in that. Good photographers see and have something to say usual in a visual way. You do both visual and words. That is why! jackie

    1. You are very observant Jackie and the first person to notice. Thank you.

      The main reason I got into photography seriously 6 months ago was because believed that better quality and more interesting pictures could add so much to my posts. Then, I suppose because I have always had the artist inside, I got hooked. So now I am also using writing to add to my pictures.

      Balancing the two genres of art is not easy and sometimes I feel guilty if I neglect one in favour of the other.

  2. James, it’s kind of like music….we listen to what we like, what we can relate to. It’s like art…we like what turns us on….different people like different kinds of art. Some people are travelers….some folks never stray far from home. You provide those of us, who may be afflicted with insatiable wanderlust, with a “fix” …….from here in Idaho, I can “travel” to your destinations and into your photographs……and for a moment in time, be there. Thanks for the journey!…..

    1. How beautifully put Golde. If I can give pleasure to a few people in my life it nourishes me greatly. If I can give pleasure to many then I have food for life. Thank you. James

      1. James…some one asked me the other day if I was a professional photographer…..which I am not….but it got me to thinking if I was a “professional” in anything?????….and I realized that if I was going to be called a professional …….it would be in creating or seeking out beauty….plant as many gardens as I can….create or find the beauty where ever I can….. always look for the best, the beauty, …….in places, people or things….knowing that there will always be peaks and valleys in that journey….golde

        1. Unfortunately the word professional, to many people, is now associated with excellence which of course is incorrect. Professional simply refers to a person who does something for money. And as we all know there are many people in professions who are by no means excellent. So, Golde, if you are really good at something then it is irrelevant whether you get paid for doing it or not. You are better than a professional if you excel at creating or seeking out beauty, as you suggest. I can see from your photos that you are an artistic and creative person. So tell the person, who asked you, that you are better than professional and let me know what they say!!

  3. Why am I following you? Simple, you’re on the same wave length as me, and I’m interested in what other people are doing, especially when we have shared interests. It’s always satisfying when you can relate to the things in life that run a parallel with your own. It’s perhaps an example of me asking the same question…..are there any other people in this world who think, enjoy, participate in the same topics and outlooks as myself? We’ve both answered the ideal question

  4. You raise an interesting question there James. I remember when we came across each others blogs some time ago. Two things stood out for me, firstly the exotic images from far away places that you share and secondly the writing. Not always in that order, but as a photographer, an image speaks louder to me than words. Although I am trying to improve in the writing department which I also enjoy.
    I think we can learn alot from fellow bloggers which we follow, but this requires alot more effort than hitting the odd like button. Engagement is the key to this. Obviously commenting on a post just for the sake of it, is a waste of time. But if you have a valuable contribution to add, then one should not be shy about doing so.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Ed. Sometimes I start to comment then stop because, either I think I’ll not get through or it will take too long to get my point across. And, yes, comments like ‘wow’ or ‘wizard prang’ don’t contribute too much.
      I’m glad you enjoy my writing but more excited about the exotic images because I’m really working hard to improve my photography. Maybe one day I’ll try some of the B&W stuff you are so good at!! Keep well. James

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