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Thailand’s beaches return to nature

Thailand’s beaches

A massive clean-up operation, by the ruling Military, during June and the first week of July has seen Phuket’s beaches restored to their natural condition. Encroachment on Thailand’s beaches, which are public property, and private profiteering have been targeted but whether this is a temporary measure or a permanent move remains to be seen.

img_2746_7_8_fused Thailand's beaches return to nature
Beautiful pristine Kata beach!! Not seen in tourist Phuket for many years

Gone are the Beach Bars, the Massage tents, the Sun Loungers, the Surf Board’s and the Jet Skis for hire . This is what the whole length of Kata beach looked like on 3rd July.

img_2746_7_8_fused Thailand's beaches return to nature
Kata Beach before the clean up (3 July 2014)

Kata Beach in south-west Phuket was cleared on the 4th of July and so regained its independence in one day. There are still some bits and pieces of demolished structures lying around but will, I’m sure, be cleared in a day or so.

img_2746_7_8_fused Thailand's beaches return to nature
A ‘Shrine’ is all that is left of the massage shop that was there yesterday

I first visited Kata in 2006 but until this morning (5th July 2014) I could only imagine what it was like 30 years ago. I always enjoy my walk on the beach but today it was extra special so I rushed back to my apartment for my camera so as to record the historic occasion as Thailand’s beaches return to nature.

img_2746_7_8_fused Thailand's beaches return to nature
Not a lounger in sight

I am sure that many tourists will bemoan the loss of Thailand’s beaches amenities but for nature lovers, it is, maybe, for the time being, a joy to be able to walk in totally natural surroundings once more.

img_2746_7_8_fused Thailand's beaches return to nature
Unobstructed view of Koh Pu

Some people may argue, ‘But we can’t buy beer and food on the beach, hire a sun lounger and roast all day long.’

Others will say, ‘Yeah, and we don’t have to trample through your empty beer bottles and food cartons on our early morning walk. Then watch them being washed out to sea and dumped on another beach while you are flying home.’

There are always pros and cons and it is not clear what the future holds for Thailand’s beaches and beach life but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

img_2746_7_8_fused Thailand's beaches return to nature
Back to nature again

0 thoughts on “Thailand’s beaches return to nature

  1. GORGEOUS beaches ( and photography).
    I like them au naturel. It reminds me of the almost deserted beaches in Costa Rica when I was growing up, (some now closed to swimmers due to pollution).

    1. Thanks Cinda. I’ve just finished my 2 months photo sabbatical in Phuket and hope I’ve improve a little. Yes it was quite amazing to see the difference and imagine that’s how it used to be before tourism. Especially funny to see many tourists standing on the beach scratching their heads. James

  2. It sounds like positive change from this side…..or is it government control on the way to more government control??

    1. It sends a message to everyone that the military are not going to allow anyone to think that just because previous governments have been lax where corruption is concerned that they will continue in the same way. I think that is positive if becomes permanent.

  3. I can’t wait to check out the newly cleared beaches when I get the time – I do wonder how long it will last though, especially when high season comes around again…

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