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7 dangers of new mobile devices?

You may believe that mobile devices are not a health hazard. But are they becoming the new Big Brother predicted by George Orwell in the book 1984? It could be argued that there are numerous anti-social threats posed by modern technology and mobile devices in particular.

It’s even possible in a bizarre situation that an I-Pad, I-Phone or Smart-Phone could actually land you in hospital or, even worse, kill you?

Here are 7 things you need to know.

75px-Mobile_phone_evolution 7 dangers of new mobile devices?
English: Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволюция мобильных телефонов (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1.    Communication is becoming more difficult due to information overload – leading to  greater stress

Do you remember when you got your first mobile phone; how excited you were but how much time it took to set up and understand? And in those far off days it was just a ‘PHONE. As they were developed, over the years, they got lighter and smaller. How brilliant it was and how happy you were then. But, my my, how things have changed since as the juggernaut of technology rolls on. It tramples us underfoot, leaving us confused in its wake, as it supplies us with never ending products which enable us to learn and communicate, faster and better! A misconception if ever there was one!

 2.    We are not in control any more – That creates discomfort

75px-Mobile_phone_evolution 7 dangers of new mobile devices?

So how quickly are we learning that the masters of technology are forcing us to accept a new way of interacting which does not require us to use our functioning vocal chords or ears? Those of us who are fortunate not to be afflicted by a speech impediment or hearing disability are still dragged into this silent world of non-verbal communication without a whimper.

 3.    A silent world of only black or white robotic information – means our choices are restricted.

Exchanging incomprehensible word bytes with the creators of software who desperately and unsubtly avoid any interaction; referring us instead to FAQ’s where, we know, all the answers definitely cannot be found. To their annoyance we may, if we are lucky, find a contact email address deliberately hidden away in a dusty corner of a website, in the hope we wouldn’t spot it. But seldom will we find a telephone number! Don’t waste your time requesting to speak on the subject of your enquiry as you are very unlikely to get a response and if you do it may not be cordial.

 4.    The lack of verbal interaction – Destroys flow of opinion and ideas

 Now you probably don’t phone anyone very often, because you are beginning to learn that people aren’t interested in physically speaking to you or anyone else much any-more. They would rather waste countless hours, on their amazing new mobile devices, confusing the hell out of everyone they contact, by sending thousands of messages everyday. Messages that only bear a passing resemblance to the language, you learnt 40 years ago (called English, Mandarin, Hindhu etc.) to people they don’t really care about anyway.

 5.    Peer pressure is too great – Cloning is underway

You were embarrassed when your daughter’s friend said that you must have one of these devices as it is an essential appendage you can’t possibly do without in the modern world.  And your son said people would think you are a ‘crusty old man’ if you don’t have one.

75px-Mobile_phone_evolution 7 dangers of new mobile devices?
iPad mini (Photo credit: patrick-allen)

You capitulate and find out that you can do nearly everything on your new device except make decent cappuccino. It cost you an arm and a leg but you get emails (the majority of which you don’t want), facebook, twitter, google+, music, internet and another 100 things called apps you have no interest in and no idea of how to operate anyway.

6.    Privacy is being, surely and not so slowly, eroded – You can’t go anywhere or do anything without your device – It feels like you are being stalked.

 Even though it’s twice the size of your old mobile phone it is not big enough to live alone. Like your dog, it must accompany you everywhere and you must never turn it off or tie it to a lamp post outside the grocer’s shop. It makes weird noises all day long and it takes you some time to realise that your pockets aren’t filled with parrots and cockerels and that your wife doesn’t fart as much as you thought she did. But because you have followed your children’s advice to the letter you are now at everyone’s beck and call 24/7. If you don’t respond within seconds to a communication it will be assumed that you have died. So you end up with constipation because you don’t want to be caught in the loo with your trousers down. Then you start to smell bad because you can’t afford the time to take a shower until 3am when everyone you don’t want to communicate with is asleep.

 7.    Challenging the monster is not an option – for fear of a physical backlash

 In an effort to bring some sanity back into your life, which the device has taken control of, you offer to take your wife and kids out for a meal to a smart restaurant. Food is consumed one handed by everyone, as though they are part of a disability outing, because their other hand is preoccupied texting at lightning speed. Not a word is spoken until you ask for the bill.

 When you arrive home you politely ask your wife “Do you remember me darling?” Whereupon she smashes you half to death with the expensive I-Pad you bought her last week. Fortunately, the doctor says you should make a full physical recovery. But will your sanity be restored?

Life just ain’t what it used to be.

 75px-Mobile_phone_evolution 7 dangers of new mobile devices?

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0 thoughts on “7 dangers of new mobile devices?

      1. I don’t think communication is more difficult actual better. I can talk to my family in the states free and do a video conversation. Just like I was next to them. There is a lot of information , lot of false information, not much difference than gossip or beer talk. Does take some wisdom or discretion. But Wikipedia is free and many top universities have free classes or you can listen. Example Yale open university.
        I am in control what I decide to see. Can decide to not answer the phone now just like in the past.
        The one point of privacy is a concern but I think not do much technology now but terrorist threat. We do give up some privacy . Some of the privacy may depend on the country. Life is easier because of the technology compared to years ago. Hungry can use my phone and order a pizza online. Will deliver it. I don’t have to build a wood fire. Go kill a chicken etc haha. And here we are having a friend’s conversation. Not as good as having a meal together and talking but still not bad.

        1. I see what you are saying Jackie and agree in principle. But it seems you are down a different road. So I did not get my points across in the post to you as I hoped to. Which is, maybe, a good example of the difficult nature of true communication. I will be in Phuket again in Jan. I think we should meet up and explore this fascinating subject more. What do you say?

  1. So true and actually rather scary, is technology not driving us further apart as opposed to cloers together?

    1. Exactly. The technology is brilliant but if we continue to misuse it then we will have greater social problems.

      It can also lead to spelling problems!!

      Nuclear energy is brilliant but in the wrong hands it is lethal.

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