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Is Thailand taking positive steps towards unity?


Junta to establish reconciliation centres of learning 

In the interests of National harmony Thailand’s Internal Security Operation Command (ISOC) is setting up reform centres across the Country. By this they hope to see Thailand taking positive steps to unite the Nation in peaceful co-existence, despite differences of opinion.

 I see this as a major move in the right direction by the Military Junta and a positive step towards unifying the people.

 Several hardcore red shirts have caved in to the military’s request for them to cease political activities, but have cast doubts over the junta’s plan to stamp out colour-coded politics.  Prominent red-shirt… Read full article

 Despite some initial opposition to the Military Coup, General Prayuth Chan- Ocha has restored order much quicker than many expected. The general response has been one of acceptance for the necessity of Military intervention as an interim measure. The curfew has already been relaxed to only 4 hours in 24, between midnight and 4am, and, if the present trend of calm continues, it could be lifted completely in a short time.

Facebook panic short-lived

On the afternoon of Wednesday 28th May some people thought they were witnessing ‘the end of the world’ when they were unable to reach out via their beloved social networking lifeline Facebook. Reported as a ‘technical hitch” in the gateway many saw it as censorship. Far from being dismayed I was only too pleased to be rid of the invasive monster for, what in the end turned out to be, less than an hour.

What would we do without Facebook? What would we do without that postmodern plaything that assists our pre-modern instinct — the instinct to speak our mind? The hypothetical question became reality on… Read full article

Freedom of speech is fundamental to democracy and a basic human right. However, it is usually necessary, in a situation like this, to quell potential incitement by irresponsible voices. The modern media including social media are powerful instant methods of communication. Therefore temporary censorship is inevitable and should be expected as a reasonable tool in the restoration of calm and order.

So is Thailand taking positive steps towards unity? Progress so far is encouraging.


zemified_e Is Thailand taking positive steps towards unity?

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