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Thailand – Coup d’etat!

4447378233_40d1fd1d9b_n Thailand - Coup d'etat!
Thailand Red Shirt Parade (Photo credit: Honou)

South-East Asia sees the 19th  Thailand coup d’etat since 1932!

The Army have seized power although they said yesterday they had no intention of doing so. They are now in control of Thailand.

4447378233_40d1fd1d9b_n Thailand - Coup d'etat!
Bangkok Royal Thai Army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have no television and let’s hope they don’t close down other communications.

A curfew from 10pm-5am has been imposed.

The Guardian says the Army Chief has said that life will continue as normal and the army will take care of the foreigners, and foreign embassies, currently in Thailand!

4447378233_40d1fd1d9b_n Thailand - Coup d'etat!
English: A line of army soldiers, and Thai Military Police and Royal Thai Police with riot shields, stand guard at the west side of Chiang Mai’s Naowarat bridge facing an assembly of onlookers and a few “red shirts” after “red shirt” protesters had started fires at the residence of the governor of Chiang Mai and on both sides of Naowarat bridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s hope he is true to his word and it doesn’t disrupt the Country for too long.



4447378233_40d1fd1d9b_n Thailand - Coup d'etat!

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  1. Wow James…. How is this affecting life there? For you?,…sounds scary… First earthquakes… now martial law….Be safe…..golde

    Sent from my iPhone Golde

    1. Thanks for your concern Golde.
      This will not be easy for the Army because government supporters are opposing the Coup.
      It doesn’t look good at the moment but we will have to wait a little.

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