For this globe drifter and Adult Third Culture Kid, a picture says…

The enthusiasm of my subjects in the TDN interviews has made doing this series a real pleasure. There are so many interesting people out there exploring the world, themselves and capturing their experiences in camera. If you are one of them I’d love to hear your story.

The Displaced Nation

Rachel Kanev Collage Canon zoom lens; photo credit: Morguefiles; Rachel (right) with her friend Sara experimenting with make-up and photography with the help of a bottle of wine (or two?) and some props (photo credit: Rachel Kanev).

Welcome to our monthly series “A picture says…”, created to celebrate expats and other global residents for whom photography is a creative outlet. The series host is English expat, blogger, writer, world traveler and photography enthusiast James King, who thinks of a camera as a mirror with memory. If you like what you see here, be sure to check out his blog, Jamoroki.

My guest this month is 24-year-old Rachel Kanev. She has a Bulgarian father and German Jewish mother but grew up in England, where she studied French and Chinese languages. She feels she got “…caught somewhere in between” these many cultures:

With my Jewish nose, Bulgarian skin and English accent…

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