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Chiang Mai villages are so beautiful at daybreak

My first re-writing of a blog post

This is the first time that I have completely re-written a post so I hope it works. The original was published on October 3rd, 2013 when I was an infant blogger. I may not be the best yet but I have certainly learnt a lot in six months. Enough to know that my first attempt at the subject of Chiang Mai villages left a lot to be desired.

The photo challenge

Photography is a real challenge for beginners as I have found out. Most days I walk as I have done for two years now, shortly after sunrise, around the villages next to Huai Kaew (30 kms north of Chiang Mai). I trek through the lanes and across the farms to the river. I was totally undisciplined as a new blogger cum photographer and most times did not even take my camera or have any plan at all. And of course every time that happened there was always a fantastic shot to be had or the light just after dawn was so beautiful or the sky so amazing or the mist rolled over the mountains. But I couldn’t capture it except in my imagination. I came home relaxed but disappointed. I knew Chiang Mai villages were so beautiful yet I was missing opportunities to capture that beauty.

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Experts aren’t always!

Initially, I became so paranoid that I ended up chaining my camera to my wrist for a while because that’s what all the experts said I must do. ‘Never leave your camera at home or you may miss the shot of a lifetime!’ They didn’t know I’d been chained to a business for 40 years and there was no way I was going to be chained to anything anymore. I realised pretty quickly that this was restricting my freedom to enjoy the moment.  So now I am more relaxed. If I want to enjoy an unencumbered walk why shouldn’t I.  If I feel like taking shots then that will be my mission for that day.

Learning the art in Chiang Mai villages – slowly.

Capturing landscape shots to the east is difficult if I don’t get there early enough, but I am gradually getting the hang of it. My next mission is to take the same shots at dusk with the sun going down behind me. Before monsoon has gone from Chiang Mai I have to watch the weather carefully so I don’t crawl home with a waterlogged camera and all my pics knackered. But just after monsoon is the most rewarding time for photography. The air is clear so everything is visible, fresh after the rains and vibrant. In the dry season, the atmosphere is so polluted with dust and illegal forest burning (the subject of another post) that, not only is walking the Chiang Mai villages difficult, without a mask but taking a camera is a waste of time.

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2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai villages are so beautiful at daybreak

  1. You’re kidding – you’ve only been blogging since Oct.? I must have started following you early on. Your site is great – filled with interesting writing and beautiful pictures. Any tips? I don’t really have that many followers on WP (However my blog posts to my FB page and the last post generated over 10,000 views and counting! )

    1. Cinda.

      Flattery will get you everywhere.
      You mean ExPat#4 has got 10,000 page views in 6 days. That’s amazing. Any idea why?
      You need to find out and let me know.
      If you are really serious (Any tips?) I have spent an inordinate amount of time learning about blogging and am happy to share what I know with you.
      I can’t promise it will work though.
      Let me know and do you use Skype?


      Keep well


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