Who are you?

“We come from nothing, we are going back to nothing-In the end what have we lost? Nothing!” ― Graham Chapman

The old man
The old man

When I look into the mirror I see what everybody else sees when they look at me; an old man. But when they look at me they can’t hear, feel or smell the same things that I hear, feel or smell. Others, then, can only view me in a one dimensional form. They think I am an old man because that is what their eyes reflect. So they will feel no need to ask; “Who are you?”

The child
The child

But when I look out from behind these eyes I am as a child. I see the same things a child sees; I see a new world changing day by day; I hear new sounds; I feel new things, I smell new smells and I see new opportunities. Nothing is old; everything is here and now; everything is fresh. I am not an old man when I look out. So who am I?

Unlike the child I have memories; so when I look at an office block I can recall the old cinema that once stood there or the bombed derelict buildings where I played as a child after the war. I can remember the sounds of the early technicolour movies. I can feel the rubble of the derelict buildings under my feet. But my eyes, like the lens of my camera, capture exactly what the child sees; the pristine modern glass fronted office block with landscaped gardens.

So who am I? Who is this person who looks like an old man from the outside and sees like a child from the inside. Am I the old man everyone else sees or am I still the child behind the eyes viewing a world  of endless wonder and opportunity?

And who are you?

PS. Needless to say I have disposed of all the mirrors in my house.

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4 thoughts on “Who are you?”

  1. That video peddles the same old delusions. If you keep trying you will succeed in worldly terms. The mess the world is in is because people think in terms of competition, winning, making money and working against nature. Is this why you posted the video Jamoroki? It is a good way of getting your readers to think for themselves!


    1. Eventually Erik. In my own way. I’d thought about it so many times before I wrote the post but it wasn’t actually the inspiration. That came from living in SE Asia where people are constantly asking ‘How old are you?’ and thinking – ‘They don’t know but how sure am I?’.


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