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Withering Whales

We all know our planet will die one day but in the meantime, we need constant reminders like the article Withering Whales from Walking with the Alligators that we must respect the environment while we are here. Neither apathy or ignorance are acceptable excuses.

Withering Whales

‘Each day as I watch our local news, I keep hoping that this will all end, but each day, it only gets worse.
We are becoming painfully aware here in Florida of the ongoing deaths of our precious ocean mammals.
Now with these new announcements this morning of even more Pilot Whales being stranded, dying and washing ashore, the gloom hangs over the state like a dark, heavy blanket.
When the dolphins, manatees and pelicans were found dead in the Indian River Lagoon, it was blamed on many factors, but many here felt pretty convinced that it was most likely caused by chemical run off and toxins in the water.
So, now that Pilot Whales are being found dead and dying, or missing from their family pods, what is to blame is being asked.
The whales that have been found are nearly emaciated, not a very good sign.
It seems likely that there is a great deal more to this tragic mystery that is being seen at present.
As the majority of them are on the Gulf Coast, it would be easy to blame this on the BP oil spill years ago.
Much to the dismay of local wildlife officials, the BP mess has had lingering disastrous effects on all of our wildlife and the food that they need to survive.
The fact that these Pilot Whales  seem to be seriously underweight, leads us to draw the conclusion that their food sources are either dead or dying or simply toxic and worth little to keep them healthy or well-nourished……………’

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