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Recently I’ve had a number of new ex-pats and travellers contact me through my blog requesting travel help in Thailand and sourcing products. So I have now added a Thailand Travellers Help Desk in the left sidebar which I hope will make it easier for those in need of some help to access useful internal and external content quickly. The internal links are selective but, as my blog grows, more information will be found here.  I will endeavour to develop these links selectively and actively encourage other bloggers  based in Thailand who can offer advice or assistance to new ex-pats, travellers or business people to contribute to the library.

You are welcome to contact me either by comment or email if you feel I may be able to help in any way.

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  1. I couldn’t click on this – is it me? Anyway with the problems in Thailand I wondered if you feel you are in a safe part of the country. Hope all is well and do tell us about the situation.

    1. Hi Cinda.

      On the right of ‘ABOUT JAMOROKI’ which you visited are instructions on NAVIGATION.

      Thailand Travellers – Help Desk is just the title. If you click on ABOUT under the title it tells you all about it. Then all the links are listed underneath and you can click on any one.

      This is my last post on the Coup.
      Everything is calm and the Military are in the process of stabilising and re-organising the Country. It will probably be one to two years before we see civilian rule again. But this is par for the course here.

    1. I really appreciate your comment. I know how difficult it can be when a person is new to a country and has no contacts. I gave it a lot of thought and really hope it will be helpful for interested readers and is easy enough to follow.

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