How an ordinary photograph can surprise you.

Eddy - ordinary photographs

Natures beautiful surprise!

All photographers must delete a high percentage of the photographs they take as substandard while they are in search of perfection, or as near to it as they can get. Since my recent experience I now always look closely before I discard any photo, even if I accidentally take a picture of my foot when I meant to snap a butterfly settled on a flower! You never know what you may find.

This was brought home to me when purely by chance I took a photograph one morning whilst walking along the small canal near my home. The water is always muddy there but I noticed an eddy, by the small lock gate, about the size of a dinner plate. So I opened my camera and just snapped it without much thought how it may turn out. In fact, when I checked it out on my PC a few days later I nearly discarded it until I tweaked the colours, contrast and light a little. To my surprise, this is what I saw.

img_0013-2 How an ordinary photograph can surprise you.

The whirlpool appears like an island which is a clear reflection, in the muddy water, of the canal bank, the trees and the lock wheel itself. Nothing else is reflected by the flat water being sucked into the vortex. You can see exactly what I mean from this picture which I took to demonstrate.

img_0013-2 How an ordinary photograph can surprise you.
Small canal – Huai Kaew

 Abstract images from boring photos!

I wanted to create a few abstract art images for my own use and experimentation purposes so to start I took these three very uninteresting pictures of a flat egg-shaped pebble I found.

Then I played around with them for a while using GIMP and the results further demonstrate the surprises to be found in ordinary photos. I’m sure you can use your imagination to marry the three resulting images with the originals.

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