Do you know how many wild flowers are right outside your front door?

IMG_0018 (2)

In simple terms a wild flower is a flower that grows naturally in its environment without cultivation and may be indigenous to one particular area of the world. I often find beautiful flowers popping up in my garden which have had only nature’s encouragement and nutrition to grow. Because they require little attention from me I welcome them to join the garden family and make my life easier and more interesting. Over the last few weeks I have been amazed at the number and variety of stunning flowers I have stumbled across whilst walking in the country-side near my home in Chiang Mai. So far I have photographed over fifty flowers without really looking too hard. So imagine how many there must be in the world. I have tried to find out if there are any statistics but have so far drawn a blank. If you have any idea please comment and let me know. In the meantime I hope you enjoy these few photos from my tropical flower collection.


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