Are Microsoft deliberately driving PC users to Apple?

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8156062874_1b26461b5a_m Are Microsoft deliberately driving PC users to Apple?
Windows 8 Presentation (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)

As one of many PC users, I have used Windows since the first launch and never had a problem of note until now when I purchased Windows 8 assuming, rather stupidly, that the transition would be as easy as before. How wrong I was. I can’t honestly say it was my worst nightmare but it’s a close call. I’m not a techno-genius like the MS boys but then PC’s and laptops are built for people like me to make our lives easier; aren’t they?

8156062874_1b26461b5a_m Are Microsoft deliberately driving PC users to Apple?
“Metro” / Windows 8 / SML.20121221.IP3.Windows.8.Metro.UX.Opinions (Photo credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)

Perhaps I am overstating things if I say this piece of technical wizardry is impossible to use. But having tried desperately for 4 days to understand the logic behind it and make it work for me, that is the only conclusion I can come to. Firstly, I am presented with a whole screen consisting of nearly 50 very pretty icons of which 49 are of no value whatsoever. The one that is of value is the Desktop icon that takes me to where I want to be so I can work. I am now wondering what the point of the first port of call is so I decided to test a few things. I see an icon that says photos so I click on it and I am treated to a random array of my photos all over the screen, but for what? I didn’t ask for them and I can’t do anything with them and now I am locked in. How do I get out and go somewhere else? There is no exit so let’s press the ESC key; that usually works. Nothing! Somehow, miraculously, I arrived back at base. Let’s see if I can scroll horizontally across the icons I can see because there seem to be many more to the right but there’s no scrollbar. Not a chance with the mouse only the arrows, one icon by one icon. Wow, that’s brilliant and now I’m stuck on the right and will have to go all the slow ponderous way back to hit the desktop icon and get the hell out of here.

8156062874_1b26461b5a_m Are Microsoft deliberately driving PC users to Apple?

Thank you for that MS; now perhaps I can do some work. I open Explorer and look for the tree. What tree? There isn’t one. ‘Google the problem James and see if someone can help’. Good, I’ve found a useful help which takes me step by step through the myriad options to set the folders and files up for viewing. I sail through it feeling good. No result and still no tree. Must be time for coffee. How can I manage my files if I can’t drag and drop them from folder to folder as I have been able to do for years?

Let’s move on to see if I can work with my photos. I open a folder and select large icons so I can see all the pics in the folder and decide what I want to do with them. What do I get? Every icon is a blank with no picture and I can only view them by opening one which may not be the one I want. Just like we used to stick a pin in the football pools coupon. There must be an answer but I can’t find it. Neither can this guy.

Next test, I open an excel spreadsheet in trepidation to see what happens. No problems at all until I want to close it. I move the cursor to the right top corner to hit the X and a toolbar, taking me back to the screen with a million useless icons, flies out to stop me. I can’t get to the X so I move the cursor back to the left and try again. Unless you have lightning reflexes, which deserted me 50 years ago, you are stuck in the sheet or you must click one of the icons on the toolbar you don’t want to see.

After 4 days I realised I was not going to fathom this out so I went back to the shop and said, ‘I’m sorry but Windows 8 is not going to work for me; can you replace it with Windows 7?’ ‘I’m sorry sir but you will have to purchase Windows 7 and throw you’re your Windows 8 away or put it in a safe place until you need it.’

NEED IT??????????

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