Back From The Brink

I remember swimming amongst a flock of brown pelicans in the sea at Miami Beach 1990. It was a wonderful experience so this post brought back the memories. Thank you.

Walking with the Alligators

brownpelican1                     baldeagleketa

On Left:  A beautiful Brown Pelican                                                           On  Right: A  gorgeous Bald Eagle
Picture Credits:  On  L:  SFWMD  and On  R:  Keta Design


It’s  “ feel good Sunday ”  and the story today is one that makes me personally, deliriously happy.

When I was in College a professor once told the class that 99% of all animals on Earth, will become extinct.

That sickening thought has stuck with me all for all of these years and today, I wish I could see him just once more,  to say, yeah,  but……

It seems that we Humans can,  and have,  made a decided difference in the lives of so many animals,  who were at one time doomed to disappear, to cease to exist.

But, for the past fifty or so years, through our diligent, repeated and determined efforts all over the world, one by one, they are coming back, back from…

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