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img_0003_tonemapped-272x300 Reflections
Main canal – Huai Kaew – Chiang Mai

My camera and I captured the walk this morning in reflections of many things in the water, whilst at the same time reflecting on a question posed to me many years ago.

‘You walk for an hour or so nearly every morning and the only thing you change slightly is the route you take. Don’t you ever get bored seeing the same things every day?’

Normally I don’t have to think too hard when I am faced with what, on the surface, would appear to be a relatively simple question. But, thankfully, on that occasion, I arrested the urge to reply and allowed my brain to assimilate the reality of what was happening. This was a person I had known, or thought I had known, for quite a long time. I suddenly realised that our relationship was more superficial than I had previously thought. We had always communicated one dimensionally, where food is food, beer is beer and sex is sex. I suppose I was always happy in his company on that level because I could relax and did not have to think too much; so there were benefits.

But we were clearly not on the same wavelength when it came to observation via sight, smell, feeling and sound. I don’t think it had ever occurred to me that anyone could take a walk along the same path every day and imagine that the experience would be the same each time. The beauty of life, to me, is that nothing can ever be repeated. Every sunrise and every sunset are unique just as your DNA is to you. I could walk the same walk every day for a hundred years, yet it could never be the same. I could never meet the same people in the same place wearing the same clothes. I could never see the same morning light, mist, sun or shadows. I could never know whether the dogs would walk with me or go their own way. Will the water in the river be up this morning, running fast or just a meandering trickle? If I don’t take my camera will I miss the shot of a lifetime I will never capture?  Then I knew I could not answer the question but only with ‘No’. Ever since then I have always preferred to walk alone. No more do I want to say, ‘What’s that beautiful smell?’ Only to be answered, ‘What smell?’

These are the reflections of a morning never to be seen again.

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