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Jodi Arias – What next?

300px-Arizona-StateSeal.svg Jodi Arias - What next?
State Seal of Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We can all postulate about the Jodi Arias case until the cows come home but unfortunately for all parties this has been a monumental balls up from the start. It seems that , whichever side of the fence you sit on, we are all as dazed and confused as we can possibly be. It is almost as though she is still on trial, we are waiting for the verdict and we have forgotten that she has been found guilty of First Degree Murder because her fate is still unknown. I cannot imagine how it must feel to be convicted of murder in any degree but when the State’s incompetence adds further torture to the convicted and the victim’s family because it embodies a system whereby a persons fate cannot be decided that is just not humane in my book.

300px-Arizona-StateSeal.svg Jodi Arias - What next?
Grand Canyon, Arizona. The canyon, created by the Colorado River over 6 million years, is 277 miles (446 km) long, ranges in width from 4 to 18 miles (6.4 to 24 kilometers), and attains a depth of more than a mile (1.6 km). Arizona, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And the longer it continues the more difficult it will become for rational decisions to be made and so I am not in the least surprised that procrastination continues to rule the day. I firmly believe that the system employed in Arizona is seriously flawed. I cannot accept that it is morally correct and right for a judiciary which is made up of professional legal experts to hand the responsibility of deciding whether a person should be executed or not to a handful of lay folk. Because the Oct 5th and then the 18th of 2013 – Pre-Trial Hearings are being held in private; closed to the public by the Judge we, the public, are not privy to what is going on. We have no idea what we will be be fed by the authorities at this stage as I assume the families will not also know. I still have serious misgivings about the whole affair and the eventual outcome is still far from certain. I won’t be surprised in the least if this runs and runs for the simple reason that no-one wants to make the next move now. Previous Jodi Arias post.

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  1. James,
    This is in response to your comment of concern about publishing the Trust Deed on JAII site. I too would like to see full disclosure regarding the lawyer, beneficiaries and etc. Listing the details and making it public would give those wanting to help financially and support the appeal fund some type of assuredly the money will be use for the purpose outlined. I’m already witnessing an onslaught of anger on social media from the other side of the fence regarding the Appeal Fund. Anger is already on the horizon the Appeal Trust Fund is a way to beat the Alexander siblings out of money in their civil suit. I fear full disclosure would not dissipate the anger but may provide fuel for their anger.

    If Jodi’s family members are responsible for setting up the Trust they are already in a no win situation in the TV media, public court of opinion and the social media forum. I will concede some of the media frenzy is partly due to Jodi own actions agreeing to pretrial and presentencing interviews. In addition it didn’t help matters when her parents interrogation interviewed were released before sentencing phase was completed. I say, divide the media frenzy blame proportionally. If it is discovered someone else other than her family setup the Appeal Trust Fund then it will open up another can of worms. Nothing attached to Jodi name at this point is going to be viewed by Alexander supporters as an honest and up board effort to help her. The Appeal Trust Fund makes sense if Jodi is offered and accepts a LWOP sentence and does not plan to give up her appeal rights. The Appeal Fund makes sense proviso Jodi is sentence to death and she wants to hire a more qualified appeal lawyer instead of accepting a court appointed attorney, I think? I can guarantee your comment on JAII will be (if not already) will captured and discussed on pro prosecution sites.

    Anyone taking a stance or stating an opinion OTHER THAN Jodi is an evil monster who did receive a fair trial and all of the defense psych experts are shameless idiots sucked into Jodi’s evil vortex, will be attacked head on by the angry 98+% US population.

    I wish the October 24 conference proceeding will bring this fiasco to a close. I don’t see much hope in the State and the Defense Team coming to a meeting of the minds during this settlement conference. I’ve read these “types” of conferences aren’t significant and they aren’t anything new or special to get all work up about. Some opine these settlement conferences are merely part of the normal routine of things before jury selection & proceeding to trial. In that case, it will burst my bubble of hope. If the State won’t take the DP off the table and allow her to keep her appeal rights then I think they are at a deadlock.
    I looked forward to hearing more from you.

    1. Hi Liberty. And thank you very much for commenting on my blog. It’s nice to hear another voice of reason. It is indeed unfortunate the Appeal Fund is public knowledge already. I believe it sends out the wrong message because it indicates JA has closed the door on a negotiated settlement and worse she hasn’t made it official. You can see by some of the the irrational reactions to my comments that questioning, debate or asking for information is not welcome in certain quarters. If a fixed deal was agreed like, as you say, LWOP giving up her appeal rights would be integral. She couldn’t come back later and say I’ve changed my mind. The Appeal Fund only makes sense if no deal is struck. That is the whole point of my argument that the appeal launch is premature. Someone has made that decision but without backing it up with a proper explanation and disclosure of legal documents which would have given it credibility. I think your comments about the 24th are probably well founded but until that process is over, whatever the outcome, an appeal fund launch is still premature. But it’s too late now as the horse has bolted. Nobody knows what the outcome of the pre-trial process will be, whatever some may claim to know. It could be argued that it’s possible the state don’t want to incur any more costs than are necessary and will offer a deal JA can’t refuse. She would be a very brave woman indeed to say ‘No. I’ll take my chances with a jury.’

    1. Hi Sandra. I’m glad you found me because I didn’t know you existed. I will have a good read of your blog. But I can’t see a way of commenting, communicating or anything about you. Maybe that’s what you want. I should say I am not on a campaign for Jodi mission but I am concerned about this case. I have been aware for a very long time of the many mis-carriages of justice throughout the world going right back to Timothy Evans, James Hanratty and Ruth Ellis in the UK. What is of great concern is that America seems to have learnt very little from these discoveries and the way the Jodi Arias trial has been conducted shows that starkly. It is sad to see justice systems continuing to operate without any regard for the truth. This, I believe, to be a recipe for the meltdown of civilised society. I propose to write more on the subject as my blog develops and hope you will stay in touch.

      1. It’s a pleasure to “meet you”, James! I am also not a “Jodi Lover/Groupie/Travis Hater” etc.! In fact, this was the first trial I had ever watched so intensely. The more I watched and investigated on my own (because I’m the sleuthin’ type:), the more disgusted I became. Jodi’s travesty, I believe, began when she met this bloke Travis, but has since morphed to every single step she has made within the criminal “justice” system. It is indeed a very broken system here in this country. It’s all quite overwhelming as well, because so many voices for truth are drowned out because of the magnitude of hate. I am rather stubborn though, and even mouthy at times. So while I don’t consistently write and update my blog, I do lash out occasionally, which can be quite…well, fun for me, but not so much for the “other” side!

        You should be able to comment at the bottom of each page. I tweak my page sometimes obsessively, so I might have tweaked something off and will check it out, though.

        I have posted and tweeted your blog (without your permission, but was guessing you wouldn’t mind), so you can blame me for what happens from here on out…..:) Kidding mostly, of course, about some part of that sentence!

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