Fruit and Vegetable carving – Thailand

litre à étoiles
litre à étoiles (Photo credit: eric.delcroix)

When converting water into wine became popular about 2000 years ago I don’t suppose it was ever imagined that anyone would want to try to reverse the process. Well, you may be interested to know that it has been successfully achieved in an Irish bar in Phuket. However, I will be surprised if it catches on as the cheapest wine in Thailand is 200 baht a litre and water is 2 baht a litre. But this is child’s play when compared to the amazingly skilful Thai craft of fruit and vegetable carving. The metamorphosing of a carrot into a rose is quite an outstanding achievement in my book. Yet it is done with skill and precision every day in many parts of Thailand when skilful crafts people make adornments for banquets and festivals. Children, mainly girls, are taught the art in many schools from the age of twelve. I was fascinated by the patience and time taken by ladies in Bangkok in the creation of these beautiful garnishes.

English: Art of fruit and vegetable carving Ру...
English: Art of fruit and vegetable carving Русский: Искусство тайского карвинга – вырезания из овощей и фруктов (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Carrot poppy arrangement
Carrot poppy arrangement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Polski: Arbuz
Polski: Arbuz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Watch these videos and many more on youtube.


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