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How to get published without financial pain.

First book complete? – Which way now? – Sound familiar?

3319694458_623069989c_m How to get published without financial pain.
Published! (Photo credit: JoshuaDavisPhotography)

What flummoxed me when I researched the options for self-publishing was that the self-publishing outfits themselves expect new kids on the block to have a complete grasp of how the publishing world operates. They say ‘Here are the zillion, all-singing, all-dancing products we produce; this is what it costs; now you choose what you need.’ But the fledgeling authors have no more idea as to what they need (other than help!) than the man in the moon. Now that’s off my chest, what the hell can we do to get started and avoid total disappointment?

While I was lying in bed, semi-conscious, last night I thought; ‘bugger this’; I’ve finished the manuscript for my first book, I’ve got others planned and I just want to write them. How can I find the time to do that with all this publishing and marketing to do? If I’m not careful I could spend the rest of my life desperately trying to flog ONE book nobody wants to read. Not only that but it could cost me a small fortune for the privilege plus an attic full of waste paper. Do you know the feeling?

3319694458_623069989c_m How to get published without financial pain.
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So I thought, as a starter, why don’t I produce and self-publish my masterpiece as an ‘e’ book for free on Amazon or Kobo , promote it to my dwindling number of friends and contacts in UK, Thailand and South Africa, get them to help me with referrals, use social media and my blog and see how it goes.

Forget the likes of Xlibris and the other publish on demand outfits living the life of Riley on tropical island paradises who are so keen on my up front dollars. If I can generate enough interest and some favourable comments I can then consider publishing a paperback later. But for now with a little ground work I can at least have a product available to the world at zero cost. Promotion is still up to me as it is with the self-publishing companies but the risk has been eliminated.

In the meantime I can do what I want to do; build my blog, write my books and improve my skills. I can learn all about my new blogging, writing and photographic world at minimal cost save for my own time. It seemed like a good deal to me so that’s the route I took and I’m delighted.

I hope it helps you decide.

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